Energy Work

Energy Work

So What Exactly is Energy Healing?

To me its about transformation. Clearing negative vibrations & replacing them with positive high vibrations. It really is that simple and the transformation is easy, and simple. It means pain transformed into joy, stress transformed into balance and peace, struggle transformed into freedom, fatigue transformed into energy. You get the picture! Don’t be afraid to explore the possibilities and what transformation could take place in you.

What are the “negative vibrations” that you would be clearing?

Negative vibrations are simply anything holding you back from your original life blueprint and brilliance. Whatever is holding you in lack or preventing you from stepping into your best self. These could include limited/false beliefs. Energy blocks. Generational issues. Experiences, trauma, or emotions stuck in your energy systems. I sometimes refer to these negativity’s as the “weeds”.

What specific areas or issues can you help me with?

These powerful energy sessions can help you in any area. The energy moves fast and we can work on a lot of things during our time together, including:


And many more…… If you can think it, we can work on it!

What if I don’t have any specific issues to clear; I’m just feeling a bit off balance, and out of sorts. How could a session help me?

Everyone’s session fits what they need. Some clients come with a list of things there are struggling with, from health, to relationships, to money and they are already aware of the blocks they want to have released. Others just feel a bit “off,” or perhaps run down and want to get to the emotional root of the problem, but haven’t been able to figure out the source on their own. There are several ways I use to find the blocks so we can let them go and get the energy flowing freely again.

What techniques do you use to help transformation take place?

Using my specific gifts and abilities along with the SimplyHealed™ method, it is easy to locate the core issue and release the negative vibrations, and then replace them with higher vibrations, thus restoring balance, energy,health, freedom, joy, passion, love and all possibilities!

What makes SimplyHealed™ so unique?

SimplyHealed™ is easy and graceful, and it lets your energy guide the work. We allow the process to release all the “weeds” and and then plant new “seeds of brilliance and potential” . It is fast, and it can cover a lot of ground. Other modalities have a series of sessions in certain order that restrict energy flowing freely. SimplyHealed™ has no time consuming tapping,encoding,or any rehashing the negative. Your energy knows where we need to go first, and a lot of issues will be cleared in one session.

Ok, I am interested, how long is a private session?

Your very first session is 50 min. You will have an option after this to do a 30 min wellness consultation, or a 15 min tune up session! Of course you can continue to do 50 min sessions anytime you’d like.

Who can benefit from a session?

If you are a man, woman, child, or animal, this is for you! ( I have even worked on plants and a car or two!!..)

I don’t live nearby, can it work long-distance?

Oh absolutely! Since energy holds no bounds and isn’t limited by time or distance it is just as effective over the phone as if we were sitting face to face 🙂

How soon will I notice results?

The energy shifts immediately with the integration, like a light switching on in a dark room. Most people report that they feel much “lighter” after the session. That’s because they literally are. Emotions such as depression, anger, guilt, etc. have a very low vibration. Once released, the void where those emotions were formerly held is automatically filled with light, truth, love, forgiveness and joy-which are all very high vibrations.

With some issues, you will immediately notice they are no longer there because you are not worried about them anymore. The worry is replaced by peace. With other issues, although the energetic changes are in place, you may not be in a situation where you recognize the change right away. Maybe a month or so later you’ll look back and realize you no longer have a problem in a certain kind of situation. And in many cases, the fact that you are no longer bothered by certain things makes it easy to simply forget that you previously had a problem there.

Do I have to believe in this for it to work on me?

No, you can keep your skepticism and it will still work! Your body’s intuitive wisdom will process and benefit from what it knows is for your highest good, whether or not your conscious mind thinks it’s “a little out there.” And remember, your higher self will automatically “veto” anything that it deems is not in your best interest. The integrity of the SimplyHealed™ method never allows anything to be integrated without first checking if it’s in your best interest. Of course, you can consciously block any of it from being accepted, if you are happy and comfortable living in a lower vibration.