My IGNITE program is for you if you want to...

  • Connect to your calling
  • Have confidence in your message & movement
  • Gain clarity around your Niche to get rich
  • Market to your target audience
  • Attract raving fans who want what you offer
  • Put yourself right in front of your ideal clients
  • Create great content and offers
  • Gain confidence in sales
  • Build a profitable business through a structured tried and true biz platform
  • Be the "go to" expert in your industry
  • Make an impact on this planet
  • Make great money doing what you love
  • And much more!

What you get:                                                                                                     

  • Workbook and templates to stay structured and on track
  • Three 60 minute calls a month - all recorded, including Q&A and hot seats!
  • Five 15 minute VIP sessions for individualized support
  • Exclusive access to IGNITE Facebook group
  • All Access Pass to my IGNITE Energy Work Vault
  • Signature 3 month Time Management for Busy Moms course to ensure you can make room for a successful biz you'll love
  • (You don't have to be a Mom for this to work but most Moms find this extremely beneficial)

Here's what's NEW and IMPROVED:
My 12 month program has transitioned to 9 months. You'll get my signature 3 month Time Management for Busy Moms Course as a bonus jumpstart - you'll have everything you deserve to make room for a thriving life and the biz you love. It saves three months so you can get to your desired results even faster!

How the committment works:
You pay half up front. Then if you don't get a minimum 100% return dollar for dollar, you keep the other 50%. This ensures that you don't show up for a freebie and that I deliver my 100%. It's a win for you when you succeed AND a win for me.

Set up your FREE Biz and Life Assessment Call with me to see if IGNITE is your best next step. If anything else you are assured to leave with a strategy that gets you to where you want to go on your path to success this year!

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