I’m a Mean Old Witch

I’m a Mean Old Witch

I’m a mean old witch.

Dang I wish I had a picture to go with this story. You should have seen me… In a scary witch costume, on stage singing a SOLO while dancing and entertaining a room of hundreds of people. I was told to be OUTRAGES so I put on some green makeup, jumped in a blow up witch riding a ghost costume ( yes that was a mouthful) and flaunted  my moves on stage (you had to have been there)! There came a point where I completely forgot my moves and the lyrics! I had an “oh crap” moment and panicked.
Has that ever happened to you? You are having an important conversation with someone important or you are presenting something to a group of people and you have a brain freeze.  Well, that panic stayed for about 3 seconds and I was able to quickly and easily move past it and have a successful performance.  
Would you like to know what my secret was so you can use it anytime you have a …… panic moment? Actually their are 2 secrets. I’m calling it “push pause on the panic and regain control”.  Okay, I’ll tell you…. 
#1 The first thing I did was hand it over to the audience! I pointed my mic at them and had them make some noise! I handed it over.  Yes, you can do that too! In a number of different ways for a number of situations. Take a second and think about one thing where this would have worked for you. 
Next time your in a panic moment ask yourself “what can I do to hand it over?” This way it gives you time to come up with a new plan. Hehehehe (that was meant in my witchy scary voice).  
The second thing I did, and this is very important, was #2 went straight to humor! It’s an amazing way to get others re enrolled or engaged and connect with you again. Who doesn’t love to laugh? It raises the energy and cuts brought any awkwardness.  The funny thing is… I had several people ask me afterwards if I practiced a ton or if I was in theatre. Haha! It was pretty much all improv but nobody knew because  #3 I stood in my confidence. Confidence is influence. Lack of confidence is lack of influence. Do you want to be a great influencer? Even when you have moments of panic? Simply hit pause, remind yourself how awesome you are, jump back into your confidence and push play (“fake it till you make it” does actually work sometimes)! It’s a quick switch. Don’t overthink it.  
Afterwards, I thought to myself “how could I apply this in life regularly?” And I realized WOW! I could use this strategy in parenting with my kids, anytime I give a presentation and I forget my notes, whenever I’m in a important conversation and lose it, and all sorts of ways.

Have thoughts on how this applies to you? Post them below in the comments. I always love to hear from you 🙂 

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