“Since speaking with Melissa I feel such release from pressures of many things. People, time, money, all trying to pull me or limit me has stopped. Self awareness increased, belief in myself increased. Melissa is a blessing.” -K. M

“Melissa is such a joy to work with! She moves quickly while still taking the time to explain things that I need to know about the work and what’s coming up in the session. She works easily and gracefully and is careful and compassionate with sensitive subjects. I always feel so much more at peace and ready to face the world after my sessions with her. I feel like I can face any problems life throws at me! I am so grateful for every chance I have to work with her. She is truly a gifted practitioner/healer.” -Larissa R

“Melissa’s spiritual gifts have blessed me to experience joy, happiness and freedom just as the Lord created us to be. I am blessed to experience her loving, caring ways and healing work” -Robb N

“Melissa has been very professional from the very first energy clearing session she performed on me . She made me feel comfortable from the beginning of the call. She was very confident in her approach to the energy work being done. I have some red dots on my face that are irritated at times and that won’t go away. After her session, throughout the day they weren’t so irritated, they have cleared quite a bit from our first session. I like how she explains what the modalities of energy are and how they work and intertwine with each other. I have recommended Melissa to my family and friends.” -Kristi

“Thank you Melissa! I have seen a huge change in my attitude and in my life as a whole. I don’t feel so bogged down I feel way more positive in my life and am more at peace with myself. I feel like I have come farther in the session I did with Melissa than what I did in YEARS of counseling. I am grateful that the session has changed my life so dramatically. Melissa was professional and she really was feeling energy that I didn’t want anyone else to know about.I even have people sending me messages saying how different I am. How much happier I am. It has helped my marriage a ton too. I am grateful. It has changed me so much that I also want to learn more about the energy work. Melissa is great about explaining what is going on and answering my questions. I feel blessed to have been exposed to Energy healing.” -Sara

“I’m very much grateful to for your healing session. I could feel the energy moving in my head and body. Such profound effect of healing, I had never experienced before. I was also told of ancestral issue but from which generation, nobody had told but you. Immediately after the session, even my wife could feel the strong releasing effect. Your healing techniques are really powerful. I would like to have more sessions with you as such energy movements Rarely happen with me & will get a chance to see what are the changes at energy level & what new comes up. Thank you very much Melissa. With lots of love n light!” -Dr Goswami

“I did a session with Melissa- the SimplyHealed session and she worked on my twin girls aged 18yrs old who are going through quite a bit of emotional turmoil and Melissa’s accuracy around their issues and the way in which she described what was going on for them really blew me away. She has a wonderful way of explaining what she was doing during the session and I was totally comfortable with this. I loved the session and felt surrounded by her loving energy throughout. She also did some healing for me around a specific issue that I have been struggling with and as she worked I could feel it lifting out of me. It is now about four days later and I have seen changes in the girls behavior, the one is calmer and the other one actually dressed up and felt good, and this coming from two girls who suffer from anxiety. As for me, I feel great, a weight has been lifted off my shoulders and I am more relaxed, where as before I was quite tightly wound and set high expectations, now I feel like that’s no longer necessary and its just gone. Melissa is an awesome healer, shes professional and at the same time loving , caring and kind and this not only reflects in her voice but also her energy.I would highly recommend Melissa to anyone struggling and in need of healing and I will definitely do this again, although I feel after one session that there is nothing else I need to do. This is totally amazing.I am excited to see what the future holds as this is just the beginning of the shift in our lives.
Love and Blessings” -Tanja

“I had a couple of sessions done by Melissa Leblanc and she was very professional. She worked with the problems I was having, my self esteem, and being connected to people around me! So far I feel that the results are helping immensely. I am very satisfied with my results and would recommend her to anyone.” -Denise