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A gift for you

A gift for you

This month I had the challenge given to me to join a cause to “Light the World” with service. It’s been so fun as a family to create smiles and joy & even laughter for others.

My favorite experience so far was on a drive with my kiddos to Grandmas house. We had been waiting at home waaaaay longer than expected for my hubby to get home from work so we could go Post-It-noting! Which means we find a parking lot full of cars and post sticky notes to people’s mirrors. Post-It notes that say positive things like  ” Believe in your dreams”, “You are amazing”, “Thanks for being you”, “Follow your heart”, etc.

The hubby and I had done this on date a couple weeks earlier. It was our goal to do it anonymously and we had actually gotten away with it until the last car! Seriously. This lady, I’d say in her early 60’s, had snuck up behind us after she saw us stick a note on her drivers side mirror. We turned around and there she was! I may have jumped & shrieked (and maybe peed) just a little bit. Haha. She grabbed the note and read it. The note we left for her was “You are a miracle”. She turned to us as we were getting in our car and exclaimed loudly “How did you know?” She took a few steps over to our car and began talking to us about her near death experience from a couple years earlier. She explained to us that it truly was a miracle she alive. She repeated a few times “I AM a miracle!” We all exchanged hugs and softened hearts.

So the hubby and I thought it would be fun to give our kids the chance at a fun, inspiring Post-It-note experience too!

Back to waiting for my hubby….the kids and I waited and waited but no Dad. We wanted to go to the mall to do the Post-its’ but we ran out of time so we came up with a different idea! In the car, on the way to drop the kids off to Grandma’s house, we made a big sign on a piece of paper that read “YOU ARE LOVED”. Hailee, my 11 year old, held it up against the window on the passenger side. I made sure to stay in the left lane so would could pull along side parallel to the cars on the right. I would drive so that we were lined up with their vehicle until they turned to look at us and saw the message. Justin, my 10 year old, who was sitting in the seat behind Hailee would let us know when he saw a reaction. Then we would drive ahead until we reached another car and drove parallel with them until they looked over, We continued this for our whole 35 minute drive.

We had some great reactions!!! People would smile and honk. Others would burst out in laughter and one person even shed some humble tears. We also got a couple pictures taken! We felt like sup-a-stars!

It was beautiful to see the shift in others instantly. It was an amazing experience for us to know that we can make a difference even in a car, driving down the road by simply sharing a message of love.

If you haven’t decided already, I encourage you to join with us to “Light the World” with service this season. It’s been truly rewarding thus far.

Since we are talking about the gift of service and paying it forward, I wanted gift you something from my heart to yours. 

It’s an energy clearing recording around self love and

self worth. 

Sit back, relax, grab a glass of water and allow this to work for you. I love energy work because it allows us to release what isn’t serving us and plant new seeds of success and potential for what we want. We set up the energetic scaffolding in the energy work (remember how Einstein says “everything is energy” we are working at the scientific quantum level) to align with new truths we are declaring. We plug in new beliefs that align with the results we want to see and clear out blocks or stuck energy in the way of our success. We also set up in the energy for our new intentions and declarations to make manifest. Our beliefs directly correspond with our results. Change the beliefs and we change our results.

One of the biggest things I’ve seen is how low self worth and lack of self love get in the way of our dreams, hopes, & potential. We experience sabotage, unsupportive patterns, limited mindset, and of course results we don’t want. Let’s move some blocks shall we?