A tip to access your dreams in 2017

A tip to access your dreams in 2017

At the end of every year I pick a theme for the new year. What this does is assist me in having a clear intention for what I am creating for the next year. It’s like having a big target with the bulls eye in the center.  It keeps my arrows pointing and shooting towards those dreams and goals. I have a clear aim and something to focus on. It assists the universe in bringing me my intentions for the year. It keeps me on track and intentional in my daily life.

My theme for 2016 was Growth and boy did that come alive this year! I traveled for the first time out of the country. This was terrifying to me because I am legally blind and traveling alone has always been scary for me. Every time I’m in an airport I get to stretch by asking people for direction. Sometimes, I even ask them to look at the screens for me to make sure my flight didn’t change and if so where to go. I’ve even had the airport people physically walk with me to make sure I got to my gate.

This year I also visited city’s in the US I’ve never been before, like New York City (which I swore I’d never go to). Being in a crazy place I’ve never been to can bring up a bit of anxiety. Transportation is a big deal since It’s hard to drive a car myself in a place I’m unfamiliar with. So the growth from NYC alone was epic. And it’s probably why I got pneumonia in the airport on my way home. Haha.

I also had the opportunity to present from the stage in front of hundreds of people (which believe it or not, is actually easier than traveling to new places).

I continued my online events, and started up some new amazing programs. I always love to see the ripple effect that these events do for others. I start by putting myself out there not knowing exactly how they will turn out (it’s kinda empowering for a recovering control freak).

Every event is unique and different.  My favorite thing is watching the ripple effect. Seeing those that say yes to themselves and step into their light and brilliance and then watching them create freedom, passion, and purpose for their families.

I also had dear loved ones pass away. My Stepdad passed the end of last year and my Father-in-law passed a few months ago. It was tough letting go of the physicality. It was hard seeing the effect on my family. The pain, the sorrow. Yet, there were miracles throughout the whole process and the miracles still continue to unfold. Growth, check off that one!

The 2 things that have become very clear this year

about growth are:

 #1 it takes getting out of your comfort zone to grow and

 #2 we are all so supported even when it feels hard or scary.

My new theme for 2017 is Abundance with Gratitude. It will be exciting to see how this unfolds for me this year.

If you haven’t already picked a theme for 2017 I encourage you to do it. You will have the opportunity to witness how supported and loved you are and how the Universe shows up to support you!

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